Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

And here she comes, the queen! I finally got my hand on the new Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette. Since the day they announced that they are collaborating  with model / cookbook author / mom Chrissy Teigen I have since my eyes on it and been stalking Becca's Instagram page for news! Last week, it was released and luckily my favourite online beauty shop from the UK London Loves Beauty got their hands on it a little earlier than Sephora EU (though it was sold out immediately, they  were able to re-stock the next day). 

Isn't she pretty? I honestly didn't want to touch it until I received another palette that I pre-ordered from the USA few weeks ago, but for the sake of reviewing it and showing swatches.. so be it. 

I have compared it to my Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette and these two pretties seems similar.. they are both beautiful and made with high quality ingredients. The Jaclyn Hill palette  is about Champagne-Gold tones while this one of course is more Peachey-Rosey tones, I guess another reason why I was eager to buy this palette and of course I wanted to have Chrissy Teigen's summer glow! Everytime I look at her pictures she just seems to always have that naturally glowing lit from within look which matches her caramel skin tone and hair beautifully. 

Rose gold is Chrissy's favourite shade which is also available from the Becca's permanent collection, I don't have any similar highlighter of this shade but so far I adore the texture of their highlighter, it's subtle and buildable. 

Hibiscus Bloom a new limited edition blush shade and was created for this palette. I am a fan of coral  - pink blushes as it compliments my warm skintone.

Malibu Soleil is another new limited edition bronzer. They recently came up with a collection of bronzer, I adore the Ipanema Sun bronzer which was in their Sunchaser Palette as it does not make me look orange which I have been using to give my pale skin a little bit of warmth and for light contouring. I have yet to compare these two and the Capri Coast which I also ordered too as it is a little lighter than these two.

Beach Nectar is an apricot highlighter infused with gold created by Chrissy. I have seen beauty bloggers applying it as an eye shadow and honestly they look stunning with it. I would rate this palette 10/10 and I'm very happy with my newest addition to my makeup collection. 

This palette is available here if you are interested in getting your hands on it too! Seriously, Becca I love it. Laters