Springtime Favourites

There are so many great beauty products that I have recently tried and ended up liking them and therefore it's time to brag about share some details about them. Attention: It's quite long :)

From left to bottom right:
  • Bodyism's Clean and Lean Ultimate Clean Shake - a food supplement according to Net-A-Porter "high in both soluble and insoluble fibre which helps boosts your immune system and flush out toxins." It's ingredients includes Slippery Elm which helps soothes inflammation, Rice Bran supports your digestive health and helps you achieve a flatter stomach and Soy Lecithin which aids your body to metabolise (french vanilla and raw cocoa flavoured). Every morning after eating my breakfast I'd like to add this to my pre workout smoothie or at the end of my workout with much heavier ingredients as a post workout smoothie. Vegan friendly.
  • ila Energy Spray For an Aura of Confidence - as the name says it's an energising body spray which will help you clear your thoughts by awakening and and strengthening your bio-energy field (sounds really cool). It reminds me of a Spa, it has that relaxing smell which I find really refreshing especially in the morning. I got it from a Madrid based Organic Products online shop Laconicum, I stumbled upon this site upon looking for local shops who sells organic beauty / health products. I am very happy with most of my purchase and shipping is fast and not too expensive. 
  • ILIA Lip Exfoliator Balmy Nights - Since I started venturing into the world of organic beauty products I knew that ILIA is a must try brand since I read many good reviews about their products especially about their Tinted Lip Conditioner (review coming soon ;) One of the few products I am trying from brand is their Lip Exfoliator after being labelled as a "cult beauty product". I have made my own lip scrubs in the past but of course most of them didn't really work on my flaky lips so hopefully this one would (fingers crossed) especially now that the weather's starting to get warmer.
  • RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Sublime - I am obsessed with all of RMS's product and have been using them religiously but I am fan of their lip shine. I bought all shades except for the shade Royal since I am not a great fan of violets but anyway at first sight I was a bit hesitant to try this shade since it looks almost like violet than a fuchsia pink and quite barbie pink in the pot but it's really not. It's the sweetest light pink lip product I have tried which did not made me look like a human barbie, it's very buildable and is a very wearable type of pink that gives a little pop of colour (nothing too fancy). 

  • RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Vanilla - another cult product, I have using this balm on my lips as an organic version replacement for my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm (which work wonders on my lips and live up to it's name). It's very moisturising but I honestly should say like most of their lip products; it does not lasts very long (max. 2-4hours) but it still keeps my lips hydrated and smells of vanilla so I do not mind to reapply. 
  • Little Ondine Nail Polish in Fusion & Copper Spark - I have been wanting to try this brand for sometime but I couldn't find one locally but ended up ordering them from Eleven.se. My favourite go-to colours are nude, gold and red. They are made with natural ingredients (water, purified resin and colourants) free from harmful chemicals! They can be easily peeled off, odour free, quick drying and the colours are all very pretty.  Isn't that tempting enough?! I am definitely sold :) I want more, I definitely can't wait to try the shade Cuddle.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body - Charlotte calls it her "Gisele and summer in a jar" is a shimmering paraben-free body lotion with formula that firms and illuminates gives your legs a radiant glow à la Victoria's Secret kind of glowing legs. 
  • Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Champagne Diamonds - A best seller; it's an eye colour enhancing shadow stick meant for blue eyes but I like to break the rules and I love a shimmery champagne eyeshadow to achieve a naturally radiant makeup look.  

  • Porter Magazine April Edition - OMG! How cute is this Jessica Chastain Porter Magazine Cover with a baby kangaroo?! So adorable, that I knew it had to be included in one of my current Springtime favourites! I just received it on the mail and can't wait to read it. That's it for  my current Springtime Favourites hope you like my post. Have you tried any of these products before? I'd like to hear from you, let me know in the comments below!
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