Off Duty Weekend: Mountain Retreat

Last weekend was all about relaxing and detoxing. We drove up to Tolox (Malaga) away from the noisy city and took advantage of the fresh air and serene surrounding.

 It was warm sunny in the day and wintry cold at night, we stayed at the Hotel Cerro de Hijar which is a beautiful and relaxing place to switch off, sit in front of the fireplace and watch a great film.

Speaking of films.. we watched a Norwegian film called "The Wave" (Bølgen) which is about Geirangerfjord where the small town is threatened to be ruined by a huge tsunami. It was a very realistic film considering the natural phenomenas that are happening right now and somewhat terrifies me that even though it's not happening where I live, things just could just happen like the earthquake that hit southern Spain several weeks ago. I woke up and the bed and whole building was literally shaking left and right just like when a huge train is passing by and then quickly run out to the terrace to see what was happening. It was frighteningly quiet but I could see the tree in front of our building shaking as if something down under is passing by, luckily in our city there weren't any casualty. It really freaked me out and left us scared to sleep at night for a couple of days, I watched and read a lot of news about natural disaster and it's always in the tv's but sometimes you just don't know it could and would happen in a blink of an eye.

Anyway it's all about relaxing & detoxing right? So here I am, barefaced and sipping a mint tea :)

... after my kind of "detoxing" with brownies and vanilla ice cream (yum!). It was one of those great places where the hotel food really stands out and after a mouth watering lunch here comes my favourite part of it.

Funny enough after lunch we were meant to go for an afternoon walk but it was too windy and starting to get quite chilly and ended up sleeping in (oops! there goes my kind of "relaxing")

...and then woke up to this lovely sunset, I can't wait to go back in summer. It's only about 45 minutes drive from Marbella but between all the curves going up to the hotel and my complaining about my altitude phobia it was more than that day haha. Anyway, have a great weekend and hopefully I could finish writing my reviews as soon as possible. Hugs