Too Faced Love Flush

It's been about two years since I last tried another blush shade, I have only been using NARS Orgasm for my everyday makeup (which is my all time favourite natural looking blush). Falling in love with NARS Orgasm I never really ventured into trying out another blush since I already found my "holygrail" blush.

In every photoshoot I have done in the past I have worn the same makeup repeatedly and at some point I finally got tired of "wearing the same look" so lately I started experimenting with different eyeshadows then trying out other shades of lipsticks/balms and finally convinced my self to try  different shades of blushes.

Upon researching which blushes to try I found these really cute blushes from Too Faced. They are claimed to be long-lasting (16 hours), are very pigmented but buildable and the packaging is what made it even more irresistible. I mean who could resists these cute heart-shaped pretty blushes?! I can't.

They are cruelty free and are without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Your Love is King is a plum / watermelon pink and probably the brightest of all shades (we only have these 3 in Spain!). I definitely recommend that you apply it with a very light hand and blend it well as it could end up looking very unnatural (though I still make the mistake of applying a little bit more, then a bit more without realising that I just applied way too much!).

Love Hangover is a beautiful warm toned pink with a hint of shimmer, I would say that it looks similar to NARS Orgasm only a little more pigmented.

Baby Love is more of a nude / light / pale coral with fine gold shimmer is my favourite shade among these 3 and is the most natural looking blush with just a few swipe to get that naturally rosy pink.

So here comes the verdict..

I am quite surprised they were indeed long-lasting though I never tried to wearing it for more than 8 hours so I could not say for certain if it really lasts more than that but otherwise I am very delighted with my my purchase. Would I repurchase it? Probably yes, though I wish that they have more selections and not only these 3 because I am very intrigue to try the shades Justify My Love and How Deep Is Your Love. The current retail price in Spain is 28.90€ and is available locally at Sephora or online through the El Corte Ingles website.