Sunday Tea Party


Such a dreamy cover!



Have you tried a cup of rose green tea?


It's never too early or too late to have a little tea party! Ever since I tried this cheesecake from La Canasta (the old Cafeteria Marbella) I couldn't resist going back for more. It recently opened and honestly I am quite impressed with the new interior of the bakery / coffee shop and almost reminds me of a modern Laduree shop in Paris.

I recently got my braces adjusted again but this time I started wearing metal power chains (to close the extraction gaps) earlier than I expected. When my orthodontist put it on I could feel that it's much tighter than a normal elastic ligature it hurts in the first 48 hours (more reason to eat sweet cakes) so I am back with soft food diet again. Anyway, I'll be off for now and finish some things at home before another busy week starts. Hugs