It's September, the "ber" months officially starts today and it's also the Fashion Month! In the next couple of days the Fashion Week will start and I am really looking forward to it, I may not be attending the events but I am still gonna share my Fashion Week outfits.



The colder season has always been a big challenge when it comes to finding petite friendly knitwear that won't look like I'm wearing a "potato sack". It's always been a dilemma when it comes to making my clothes fit especially when it's not alterable or because the fabric is either unshrinkable or it is labelled "dry clean only". I know there are many petite friendly knitwear available online but sometimes their sizes are still a little bit too big on me but anyway i'll keep looking, it's the best part of building up your wardrobe anyway.







I recently purchased a full-frame camera, so yesterday when it arrived I spent the whole day learning how to use it. I love photography but honestly there are so many things that I still need to learn about it. I was using a Nikon camera before but I was not exactly happy with it and thus I upgraded to a Canon full-frame. I thought getting a full-frame camera is much better in the long run because instead of buying lens for my crop sensor, I may as well save up for a much better lens that will certainly work it's full ability with a full-frame body. It's better for blogging, saves me a lot of €€€ and time where I could learn better photography with a better camera.

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