Two years ago I have started having problems with digesting my food, its the main reason why I started eating a bit more healthier than before, I have been working out and I have been drinking a lot of teas and therefore considered my self a tea-holic. I invested into buying organic teas over the internet and I must say that some of them are quite effective when it comes to specific purpose such as the goodnight tea by Pukka which helps to relax your senses and helps you achieve a good night sleep or their detox tea which I found help me wake up in the morning and Kusmi Tea detox tea which I find a bit too strong for my liking.



One of the tea that I have tried and tested in the past that helped reduce bloating and aid my indigestion is YourTea's Tiny Tea Teatox, it's a 
14 Day teatox in which according to YourTea "it's ingredients have been used to assists with bloating,  indigestion, problematic skin, cellulite (water retention), reduction of excessive weight and increase energy." 


Perfect! it was the exact tea I was looking for that doesn't contain any laxative ingredients but helps with reducing bloating, water retention, increase energy (without caffeine) and the most important: helps aid indigestion (and vegan friendly too). The 14 day teatox that I received contains 42 tea bags  and comes in a little box full of pink tea packets that you could drink 2-3 times a day and half an hour prior to or after each meal, this one contains gluten and if you prefer it sans gluten you may try this Gluten Free version instead. It's main ingredients contains: Oolong Tea, Sicklepod Senna Seed, Loutus Leaf and Hawthorne Berry. I like to drink my Tiny Tea always after a meal with a slice of lemon and a little bit of honey at least twice a day and drink a sleeping or calming tea at night. Thank you Your Tea for sending it and sponsoring this post.