Summer Holidays


Hello! I am back once again, my one week summer vacation ended yesterday and today is all about work and back to my daily routine. My one week vacation is all about taking a step back from my usual routine and have re-thinked then re-planned some things for the blog etc. I think this year has been great but the plans I made for this summer have been cancelled and unsuccessful so I guess that messed up everything because I didn't have a Plan B. I took some time off to try to reorganised everything, regain my "blogger spirit", think about my goals and the real reason why I started my blog.







Remember the printed skirt by Joie that I wore here? I mentioned last time that I ordered another skirt because I really love the design and the fabric ( it's currently on sale here) and since then have been wearing it a lot. This skirt is one of my favourite purchase during the sales period and luckily it's still available here.


I stopped blogging for a week but the blog shoots continued as planned. This is one of my favourite summer outfit, the red gingham blouse is very summery and the whole outfit reminds me of going on a picnic or visiting a flower field in Provence, France.




I am glad I took a break and filled my head with new ideas and informations. I feel glad about my decision to keep blogging and to be able to share my adventures here and hopefully I could inspire many more readers like you . Hugs xx

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