Back to School Glam

Yes, weekend! I hope you've had a great summer vacation and now that summer is almost (but not yet!) over and school time is approaching once again. I selected some pieces for a your back to school must haves (or Autumn Essentials for every girl) that you could wear now from plaid shirts to knit wear and flat shoes to rain boots.

a shirtdress - for those days when you want to wear a dress while staying covered up during Autumn's ever-changing weather.
a feminine blouse - #trending Autumn/Winter 2015 is all about 70's & 80's vibe.
♥ a plaid shirt - my favourite Autumn piece!
a basic white jumper - something I could wear with almost anything / any colour and wear it over a shirt.
a floral dress - I am living on dresses and I don't think I could ever survive a season without my favourite feminine dresses.
an open cardigan - it's always a good idea to have a basic cardigan that you could wear if the weather gets a little chilly and light enough to keep it in your bag.
a fluffy vest
a quilted gilet
burgundy and cognac tote
a scalloped skirt
leggings and skinny jeans
agenda - stay organised all year round with Ban.do's pretty agendas.
pens - a set of pretty pens from Ban.do
stylish drinkware - homemade takeaway warm coffee / tea? yes , please. I love my old Bonne Maman glass containers and I always use them for my "takeaway" tea but it's not very safe to carry it around (yes, like I do). I think I just found a little jewel ;)
cosmetic pouch
back-up phone charger - because we all need our phones! I always carry one around whenever I'm going out.
heeled boots
pointy toe ballerina flats
nude ballerina flats -  I am in love with my scalloped Chloe flats, I think they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Here's something similar and a much affordable version ;)
rain boots -  because Autumn is full of surprises, a pair of rain boots is every girl's must have in their wardrobe for those rainy days.

I am a girlscout type of girl because I like to make sure I have everything ready from band-aid strips to umbrellas and anything that could be used for those "what if moments" because you never know what could happen. I learned a lot from those "what if moments" like if you wear a new pair of shoes chances are that you will get blisters after wearing them for hours, especially if you are wearing them without socks or stockings! and therefore I like to keep an anti-friction stick in my purse all the time. It sounds a bit funny but it just became a habit to keep and have everything organised. I hope you like my Back to School / Autumn Essentials list.

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