Back to School Glam

Yes, weekend! I hope you've had a great summer vacation and now that summer is almost (but not yet!) over and school time is approaching once again. I selected some pieces for a your back to school must haves (or Autumn Essentials for every girl) that you could wear now from plaid shirts to knit wear and flat shoes to rain boots.

a shirtdress - for those days when you want to wear a dress while staying covered up during Autumn's ever-changing weather.
a feminine blouse - #trending Autumn/Winter 2015 is all about 70's & 80's vibe.
♥ a plaid shirt - my favourite Autumn piece!
a basic white jumper - something I could wear with almost anything / any colour and wear it over a shirt.
a floral dress - I am living on dresses and I don't think I could ever survive a season without my favourite feminine dresses.
an open cardigan - it's always a good idea to have a basic cardigan that you could wear if the weather gets a little chilly and light enough to keep it in your bag.
a fluffy vest
a quilted gilet
burgundy and cognac tote
a scalloped skirt
leggings and skinny jeans
agenda - stay organised all year round with Ban.do's pretty agendas.
pens - a set of pretty pens from Ban.do
stylish drinkware - homemade takeaway warm coffee / tea? yes , please. I love my old Bonne Maman glass containers and I always use them for my "takeaway" tea but it's not very safe to carry it around (yes, like I do). I think I just found a little jewel ;)
cosmetic pouch
back-up phone charger - because we all need our phones! I always carry one around whenever I'm going out.
heeled boots
pointy toe ballerina flats
nude ballerina flats -  I am in love with my scalloped Chloe flats, I think they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Here's something similar and a much affordable version ;)
rain boots -  because Autumn is full of surprises, a pair of rain boots is every girl's must have in their wardrobe for those rainy days.

I am a girlscout type of girl because I like to make sure I have everything ready from band-aid strips to umbrellas and anything that could be used for those "what if moments" because you never know what could happen. I learned a lot from those "what if moments" like if you wear a new pair of shoes chances are that you will get blisters after wearing them for hours, especially if you are wearing them without socks or stockings! and therefore I like to keep an anti-friction stick in my purse all the time. It sounds a bit funny but it just became a habit to keep and have everything organised. I hope you like my Back to School / Autumn Essentials list.

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Warm Summer Days



One of my favourite thing to do during my free time is go for a road trip and explore places I have never been to. We didn't need to go far since being in Marbella already feels like "everyday is a holiday" being a place with excellent weather, great restaurants, minutes from the mountains, golf valley and beaches.



One my favourite places to re-visit is the Marbella Pueblo, it's a very quiet & beautiful urbanisation on the golden mile and is built to look like a traditional spanish village. Having a little walk around the area almost make me feel like being transported to a different "era".



The summer is almost over for some but here in Marbella it's still very warm during the day but gets a little cooler at night. I wore this dress (currently on sale and under €25 !) from Sheinside during the visit, I'm basically still living on dresses and skirts since it's still too early to wear anything warm (it's summer almost until around October). I like to shop from Sheinside for great dresses, the shipping is fast, with a huge selections of affordable clothes.



Thank you Sheinside for sending and sponsoring this post. 

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Summer Holidays


Hello! I am back once again, my one week summer vacation ended yesterday and today is all about work and back to my daily routine. My one week vacation is all about taking a step back from my usual routine and have re-thinked then re-planned some things for the blog etc. I think this year has been great but the plans I made for this summer have been cancelled and unsuccessful so I guess that messed up everything because I didn't have a Plan B. I took some time off to try to reorganised everything, regain my "blogger spirit", think about my goals and the real reason why I started my blog.







Remember the printed skirt by Joie that I wore here? I mentioned last time that I ordered another skirt because I really love the design and the fabric ( it's currently on sale here) and since then have been wearing it a lot. This skirt is one of my favourite purchase during the sales period and luckily it's still available here.


I stopped blogging for a week but the blog shoots continued as planned. This is one of my favourite summer outfit, the red gingham blouse is very summery and the whole outfit reminds me of going on a picnic or visiting a flower field in Provence, France.




I am glad I took a break and filled my head with new ideas and informations. I feel glad about my decision to keep blogging and to be able to share my adventures here and hopefully I could inspire many more readers like you . Hugs xx

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New Haircut







Yes, weekend. As the title say I finally got a new haircut, still similar from before but this time I did ask my stylist to thin out the ends of my hair. I like getting my hair trimmed or cut every 2-3 months especially when the ends are very dry and damaged from all the styling. I have temporarily switched my Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo with Kérastase Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo for about 2 months now.
I like to dye my hair every 2 months and I realised that I should probably use a shampoo specifically for colour-treated hair and therefore I decided to try the Kérastase Reflection line and two other shampoo like the Nutritive Shampoo for dry and sensitised hair and Resistance Shampoo for brittle, damaged and hair with split ends.

 The shampoos made and kept my hair soft and I then stopped using conditioner (due to our humid weather) since I thought it was enough to keep my hair soft and shiny. The Kérastase shampoo could be a little drying if used very often so I try to wash my hair every other day then rinse it with cold water.
I usually order through a local online store called Ketienda where they sell or supply major professional hair products to most salons all over Spain. I have also ordered several hair care products from them in the past because their prices are so much better than any store locally and the shipping is fast and reasonable. I'm off for now and enjoy a long weekend, hugs.

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The Hills


The Hills

Last weekend we drove around La Quinta Hills looking for a great place to shoot my outfit of the day,  the weather was okay.. not too hot or sunny considering we went out around mid afternoon. Not bad at all since the last few days that we have been trying to take pictures were unsuccessful because of the fog and the cloudy/dull weather that lasted for about a week. I was also quite busy and did not have the chance to blog about what's happening.



The Hills


Oh, August! What a busy month, while everyone is enjoying their holidays here I am sitting in front of my laptop and trying my best to catch up with what I have missed. Our weekend drive really did help me get rid of stress and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon adoring the calming view of the mountains.



The Hills

I wore this blouse by Mint & Berry and paired it with this girly skirt by Joie that I got during the sales and I swear I am totally in love with it and has gotten many compliments. It's simple, very feminine and a classic summer piece to own. I have also ordered this one and love this one too, they are great during these hot summer day to night.

The Hills






Two years ago I have started having problems with digesting my food, its the main reason why I started eating a bit more healthier than before, I have been working out and I have been drinking a lot of teas and therefore considered my self a tea-holic. I invested into buying organic teas over the internet and I must say that some of them are quite effective when it comes to specific purpose such as the goodnight tea by Pukka which helps to relax your senses and helps you achieve a good night sleep or their detox tea which I found help me wake up in the morning and Kusmi Tea detox tea which I find a bit too strong for my liking.



One of the tea that I have tried and tested in the past that helped reduce bloating and aid my indigestion is YourTea's Tiny Tea Teatox, it's a 
14 Day teatox in which according to YourTea "it's ingredients have been used to assists with bloating,  indigestion, problematic skin, cellulite (water retention), reduction of excessive weight and increase energy." 


Perfect! it was the exact tea I was looking for that doesn't contain any laxative ingredients but helps with reducing bloating, water retention, increase energy (without caffeine) and the most important: helps aid indigestion (and vegan friendly too). The 14 day teatox that I received contains 42 tea bags  and comes in a little box full of pink tea packets that you could drink 2-3 times a day and half an hour prior to or after each meal, this one contains gluten and if you prefer it sans gluten you may try this Gluten Free version instead. It's main ingredients contains: Oolong Tea, Sicklepod Senna Seed, Loutus Leaf and Hawthorne Berry. I like to drink my Tiny Tea always after a meal with a slice of lemon and a little bit of honey at least twice a day and drink a sleeping or calming tea at night. Thank you Your Tea for sending it and sponsoring this post.



Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos





I was sitting and adoring the garden, it was stunning but I actually didn't get the chance to finish the visit because of the heat.





So in love with this dress, this and this too! I have been wearing a lot of whites this summer and this organza dress by Jack Wills is one of my many favourites, it's perfect for occasions like weddings, tea party or dress down by pairing it with nude ballerina shoes (appropriate for a walk in the gardens of this amazing palace).


Before heading home we visited the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos it's a medieval palace situated in the heart of Cordoba and used to be one of the residence of Isabella I of Castille and Ferdinand II of Aragon. It is one of the main must visit place in Cordoba you can go during the day and see it's beautiful gardens (ruins etc) and come back in the evening for a spectacular fountain show. On our previous visit last year I mentioned before that I have never seen or been to this place until we actually picked up few city tour guides for first time and to be honest looking at them actually made me wanted to visit all of them but a weekend trip is not enough since most of them are open until mid-day (and it is very hot during the summer).

Our summer vacation has finally started and therefore it's a bit difficult for me to find the time blog that's why I haven't had the chance to update the blog this week! August has just begun and I really wanted to visit many places then enjoy the day at the beach (which I should have done long time ago, but I have been quite busy). Today we are going for a quick shoot in the afternoon and then probably take the weekend off and go to the beach taking things easy before starting the new week and start planning things for Autumn.

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