A view from the Puente Romano of Córdoba












That moment when I felt so sick and was still smiling even though after this one I went as fast as I could to go in and sit down haha.     


Last weekend we drove to Cordoba and visited some places we missed during our previous visits, it was only few hours drive and I don't think I have ever been there during the summer. We usually try to visit nearby cities during the less busier season and therefore miss the chance of seeing flowers in full bloom in the gardens of palaces we visited. It was just one of those last minute decision to go or to stay, we were originally meant to visit another city but stick to going to Cordoba instead. One of the main reason is the weather, the weather ranges from 36' to 40's and when I talk about "hot" for some I know they enjoy the warm weather and people are actually coming for the heatwave.. and for  us locals we love it too! but it does get "very hot and humid" to the point that the weather is just unbearable to stay outdoor if you are unprepared.

Anyway, we got up early and had a little walk across the medieval Puente Romano (Roman Bridge)  (that was built during the 1st century BC) and to the Calahorra Tower (built during the 12th century to protect the Roman Bridge and is now being used as a historical museum). We visited Cordoba for the first time last year and all these years of living in Marbella it's a shame that we never actually went there sooner. We have been to the Calahorra Tower on our first visit and it's a very good place to  start if you are unfamiliar with the city. This time we went there to take pictures from above the tower  because it gives you a very good view of the Puente Romano and the city but we weren't even halfway through the shoot when I started feeling the heat and started getting dizzy and sick. We immediately went inside because I knew it was the heatwave that made me sick and of course the lack of breakfast (oops). The ladies who were working that day at the reception offered us help and they were really kind and lovely and even showed us some places we should visit for the shoot (and if they could read this I would like to thank a lot them for the help since I don't think I didn't get the chance to show my gratitude with all the dizziness and ringing ears).

At the end we were able to visit other places but we were a little short of time since most of the places closes around 14:00 or 15:30, so if you ever plan on visiting Cordoba the next time you come to Spain (or if you are planning) I recommend starting very early and try to visit as much places if possible. It is a beautiful city, it's history, the people are all fascinating and that calls for another visit, hopefully sooner.

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