Organic Oatcakes Snack





What a busy week, I hope you are doing well! I'm having a little break right now and prepared my self a little snack.. organic oatcakes with smashed avocado, berries, soured cream topped with crush almonds and a glass of my favourite green juice (green apples, kiwi, celery, spinach, cucumber) with a teaspoon of this Fountain The Geek Molecule. The Geek Molecule is a concentrated beauty and lifestyle supplement (with sweetener) which contains Zinc which stands a very important part in support of memory formation and cognitive stability, Gotu Kola extract is a rejuvenative nervine recommended to support the cognitive function and is said to aid intelligence and memory, combats stress and energises the central nervous system and also helps rebuild energy reserves, Hyaluronic Acid which help with regulating and preserving the moisture within tissues and deliver nutrients to the cell.
I stumble across this food supplement while browsing Net-A-Porter's website, I initially wanted the Super Green Molecule but since it was out of stock I decided to try this one. You are meant to mix a teaspoon of it with a glass of juice or beverage, it lemon flavoured and it's vegan friendly.

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