A Walk on the Beach






Life's Little Luxuries


Happy Monday! Just as Spring started so quickly now there's only a week or two before April ends. I always say that "time does fly", I mean seriously.. Where does time go?! Today, I like to share some of the things that I consider my little luxuries, those simple little things in life that makes us happy.


April Inspirations

easter week inspiration
(Pictures are from Gal meets Glam & We Heart It)

Happy Easter! Don't you just want to hop on a plane or take your car and go anywhere you want and just spend your days at the beach, enjoy the sun and just relax somewhere beautiful?! I do. Looking at all these pictures makes me just wanna go the beach, sun bathe and take a sip of fresh coconut juice. My current inspiration involves sun hats, chambray blouse, beautiful beaches, embellished sandals and fresh flowers 

 I have been away spending the week doing simple outfit shoots and did my weekly round of checking the shops for more inspiration. I mentioned how I like doing my shopping online but half the time the items I receive are not 100% the same in the pictures or the size I picked is a little too big and to be honest some online shops returns policy could get quite complicated that I'd just rather keep the item than have to deal with the long process of returning them. I did find a lot of things that I really liked, like sun dresses for summer, a sun hat, white shirts and a chambray skirt too. The pretty lighting during the golden hour certainly got me hooked to go shooting during the afternoon. I am also glad that I am finally able to do what I always wanted, I never knew that I would really enjoy blogging this much after all you only live once and therefore make the best out of it and flourish.