A Sweet Start





Hello! It's amazing how time passes so quickly, it was Christmas several weeks ago then New Year's Eve, Valentines and now it March and soon it will be Spring! Spring time means time for my lovely Peonies, I am already getting so excited since it's only a couple of weeks now before Spring officially starts. Right now we're having an amazing weather in Marbella, the days are longer it's so warm and sunny that people are already hanging out at the beach.

Today I had my favourite "Greek yoghurt with berried & chia seeds", french fancies and a cup of warm Pukka detox tea. I have ordered a bunch of Pukka Teas few weeks ago, it was suppose to arrive one week ago? The 3-5 days delivery period isn't exactly accurate but anyway it arrived at my doorstep few days ago. It's been a while since I had my last detox tea, I could never let go of it's sweet taste and aroma that I had to keep ordering for more. That's all for now, I'd like to wish you all a great week ahead! hugs

Greek yoghurt with berries & chia seeds

1 tsp chia seeds
1 cup of greek yoghurt
blue berries / açai berries
1-2 drops sweetener / honey