Baume de Rose





Baume de Rose in original & Baume de Rose in toffee cream


During dry and cold season my lips tend to get extremely dry at times even though I am drinking plenty of water throughout the day. I have been looking for the best moisturising / hydrating lip cream that   is going to be a favourite and something that I really re-purchase in future therefore upon researching and reading reviews I found this Baume de Rose lip cream that matches what I'm looking for. Baume de Rose is made with essential oils including Rose and Castor seed and Shea butter. I have been using it for a week and here are some of the reason why I fell in love with it:

 - it healed my chapped lips
- it's moisturising, it's glossy but not greasy
- it smells like roses (which is a plus)
- it's been a holy grail / cult product for 10 years
- it contains antioxidant Vitamin E and SPF-15
- it's Pastel oil ingredient boosts cell renewal
- you can also use it as a cuticle cream

See? so many good things to love about this pretty little pot. Oh and one thing, they also have it in different shades / colour, perfect for those who love tinted lip cream. The only downside is that it only lasts for 12 months but I think I will be able to finish it up before it expire. As a matter of fact my most loved beauty product is a lip cream / balm, even if I'm not wearing makeup I never fail to keep my lips moisturised. That's it for now, we'll talk soon :)


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