Taking Care of Your Hands




As the days continues to get colder during the Winter season, the dry environment and the lack of moisture tend to make our hands dry and chapped which could be painful at times. One of the most important things that we tend to overlook is our hands, our hands tend to suffer a lot from excessive washing and sun exposure that makes them dehydrated which could lead to early signs of ageing. Nevertheless there is no need to worry so much as there are many ways to avoid these problems such as keeping our hands moisturised with the help of skincare products such as hand creams, scrubs etc.
Not only we should keep our hands moisturised during the colder season but it's best to get used to taking care of your hands all year round. I like to exfoliate my hands at least twice a week, then apply my favourite hand cream. 

Ever since I tried L'occitane's Shea Butter hands/feet duo cream I immediately fell in love with it due to it's ability to keep my hands / feet moisturised for hours. When I went to get my favourite hand cream and I found out that they have it in a limited edition Rose scent, it smells like real roses yum! Another one of my pick is this L'occitane et Elle hand cream set which contains four creams in four different scents which is from L'occitane's collaboration with Elle magazine. Laters!

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