Homemade Thai Green Curry


Thai Green Curry and Jasmine Rice



Hello again, I'm finally able to make my favourite thai green curry for tonight's dinner. As a child, I have always been fascinated by cooking. I used to watch and see my grandmothers, auntie cooking and making amazing dishes.. I never really thought that when I grow up I would also love cooking, when I moved to Spain of course a lot has changed and now I won't be able to eat the food my family used to make.. it's never gonna be the same again, I learned to love dishes from different countries and I know I'm missing all those great dishes from my home and one my only way of eating them again is to learn how to prepare them on my own. I was already 18 when I first started cooking, and by 19 I've had to always prepare my food on my own. I love eating and cooking, I learned cooking by watching people cook, researching, tasting and following recipes.. I also learned a lot of things when I did my 3 year hotel management course, during my 2' and 3' year we did a lot cooking and baking, it was a great experience and I know i'll be able to put it to use in the future too.

Anyway, i'm happy that I am able to "copy" the taste of thai green curry I tried before but of course it's not exactly the same as the original version. It was a little salty at the beginning but I added a bit of water to balance the saltiness and just keeps on adding a little bit more towards the end because while it simmering it's also losing a bit of liquid and it's getting saltier again. I only added basil because I didn't really want to add anymore veggies etc... So, I'd keep you guys updated, have a great week ahead! hugs x