Dress Nly Trend

I have always been obsessed with styling my hair a lot using flat irons and curling irons and then dying my hair every once in a while, so overall my hair must've suffered a lot. My hair is my most loved part of me, I take good care of it and you can imagine how much money I've wasted buying hairstyling products that I won't be using anymore after trying them all out. I know it's a waste, but it's also a part a journey to find the best product which will suit our needs best.


 Let's talk about washing the hair, I personally prefer to wash my hair everyday but I don't do it anymore, first of all it's bad for your hair because over washing strips the essential oil from your hair causing it to become greasy/oilier. Washing your hair every other day is most probably the best option, it's less drying and less damaging.

Next is blow drying, since we can't really go out with damp hair during the colder season we tend to use a lot of blowdryers to dry our hair since it's quicker and easier. A lot of times I prefer using hot air to dry my hair, for some reason it makes my hair shinier but if I am not in such a hurry I actually prefer to dry my hair with cold air and do all the hair washing and stuff at night since I tend to take a long time to finish.


Japan's Liese Prettia Creamy Bubble Colour in Royal Brown (Chestnut Brown)



Anyway, today I'm going to dye my hair with the same hair dye colour that I've been using the past 3 years, it's the most reliable hair dye I have used in my life! It's not damaging at all, it is very easy to use at home and the whole process takes about an hour or so. It smells very good, after the process my hair is amazingly soft and shiny! I'm surprised that it didn't make my hair dry or damaged, the total opposite and now you can imagine why I'm in love with the same hair dye haha. The colour turns out almost exactly the same and talk about a hair dye that does what it really should and does not require bleaching your hair and stuff to get the same colour like in the box, it's this one.  I get mine here off Ebay from stores like AlphabeautyUK and Jaipfe. If you are interested you may check the english tutorial here. laters!