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Hair Inspiration

Images from We Heart It and Pinterest

Hey hey! How are you doing? It feels like it's been forever since I last blogged (drama, hahaha). I have been preparing for future posts and yesterday I started following the Calendar that Cassie Ho made for the month of February. I am little too late so I skipped Day 1 and I think I will do it on Friday, talk about the workout ahhhhh! It's crazy! I got the one for advance POPsters and to be honest I only get until the 3rd workout because I got so dizzy after doing cardio, I don't think I could do intense cardio for more than 30 mins without passing out haha. So I decided to switch to the beginner's abs series, this way it won't be too much for me.  

I have been looking for great hairstyle inspiration the last few days and I'm sharing the ones that I found most attractive and effortless looking. I'm currently craving for messy buns, braids and curly hairstyle, I used to style my hair a lot but lately I haven't had the chance to do any styling uh-oh. Sometimes one gets so busy that you don't really care much about your hair and makeup, pretty much my current drama haha. Anyway, i'll keep you people updated.. love xx