By Malene Birger



It's weekend! I woke up very early to do some few things that I needed to do. I'm beat after a week of intense working out but I'm loving it, my muscles are sore but I do a lot of stretching throughout the day so it helps ease the pain. I'm so inlove with my "romantic french manicure", I wanted to try CND's Nude Knickers from their Intimates Collection but the place where I went didn't have it at the moment so here I am again with my never ending french manicures! after all it's classic and it looks very feminine so I don't mind it :) Anyway I got a new iPhone cover, this time it's from one of my favourite designer brand By Malene Birger. It's gotten pretty popular and right now everybody seems to have the same phone cover I got mine in the colour Golden they also have it Black , for iPhone 6 owners you can get it in Golden, Black and Leopard print . The cover itself is a little too wide for my tiny hands but it looks so pretty I can't take it off my phone haha. Soooo materialistic :D