Tone It Up Update #1

The Get Fit Diary from Etsy if you want to keep track of your daily progress. 

Good day! Earlier this week I posted about my daily workout routine for beginners. I have been doing almost the same workout for a while now and changing here and there but I noticed that I am getting so used to it and the progress is a bit slow that's why I decided that I will moving on from beginner's level to something a little more advance also I will post the videos of my current addition / modified  workout. These videos are shorter but if you combine them all you will be able to see better results in a shorter amount of time. 

For the arms:

For the thighs:

For the booty:

These are the some of the new workout videos that I just started following this week, I can already feel that it's working because my whole body is sore the next day therefore these will be added to my new workout routine. Laters