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Good evening! I finally got the chance to try my new lens for an outdoor photoshoot yesterday. My pictures appear much brighter than before even without having to adjust the brightness, so I'm quite happy about it. These days we're having amazing weather in Marbella, it's so warm and sunny it doesn't really feel like Winter. I definitely recommend you guys to visit Marbella, it's quiet right now but we do get a lot of tourist during summer too. It's just a pity that I woke up a little too late today and missed my chance of sunbathing, I like close to beach but like always I find excuses not to go haha. I have so many ideas right now in my head and I should really write it down but I'm still trying to get back to my routine, I feel like I can't concentrate on what I really need to do because so many little things comes up and I always end up not doing what is priority. It's so crazy because I have so many things that I want and need to do but I don't really know where my time is going.. time flies :) I wish you all a good week ahead! laters