Reading Time

Hello there, lately I haven't been able to sleep early.. perhaps I wasn't tired enough since I've been spending a lot of time trying to master Adobe Lightroom haha. I actually learned quite a lot thanks to  Cath in the City's lightroom tutorial. I always wonder how some blogger make their pictures appear so light and bright which really piqued my curiosity and knowing myself I like to make my own research about facts / stuff that I do not understand (high five Google!) .. I mean don't you think that pictures which are light and bright appear more attractive? Well, I do ;) 

Everything is a learning process that's why I'm very excited to learn more a lot about blogging, photography etc.. So anyway, here I am just having the night "off" sipping a cup of tea and a new book by my side to compliment it, so cozy. 

Yay! Another book (exactly!) The title it self says a lot about the book, haha classy. Anyway it's just a book and I don't plan on getting influenced by it (we'll see). 

Mixing detox and a sleepy time tea, why not? it tastes amazing. Goodnight :)