Quick Fix for Brighter Eyes

Hello there! Lately, I've been staying up later than my usual bed time then waking up early the next day with tired and dull looking eyes which makes me look like a panda  therefore I'd like to share my little quick fix to help brighten up those dark circles. 

Before applying anything under my eyes I'd first apply my favourite eye cream that will help reduce the dark circles and puffiness. I've been re-using again and again this The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream (adlink) for some time now after trying out different eye creams from another brand but somehow I keep going back to this old friend of mine.

Next, I'd mix a bit of the beige and red concealer and blend them together then apply it using a small synthetic brush under my eyes. This concealer works a neutraliser which means it will only lightly cover the area, for example if you want to conceal your dark circles you're going to use the red concealer to neutralise the blue / purple colour under your eyes and you could also add a little bit of the beige concealer to brighten it up a bit, the yellow concealer works great for concealing redness. This concealer is highly pigmented so you need to be a little bit careful when applying, too much will make you look weird.

Last but not the least I like to use a little bit of finishing powder to set the concealer and prevent it from creasing and voilà I look like I slept for 8 hours haha :D Have a great day, cheerio!!

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