Pink Juice

Pink Juice

Pink Juice1

Hey stranger, I hope you're doing great :) Today I made a simple Pink Protein Juice as an after workout drink. I haven't been making juices for a while but I am definitely eating much better, I've been cooking a lot of veggie dishes the whole week. I am very motivated to do and learn a lot of interesting things, I am also looking into my recipe books and searching for new dishes to make etc. I  am still doing my little things here and there, trying out new things and seeing which will work out like with fashion I am in a transition of my style.

Pink Protein Juice

1/2 fresh pineapple
1 beetroot
8 green grapes
2 strawberries
1 tsp pea protein

Anyway last Sunday on my way home I saw a nail bar just close to my home and it immediately caught my eye due to it's unique French-Nordic interior design but didn't get a change to visit it not until yesterday. I've been to a lot places trying them all out and comparing the services, prices etc, but .. I keep going back to OPI nail bar in Puerto Banus. Yesterday I remembered it and went to check it out, my immediate impression was "it's so pretty!" from the inside and out, by the entrance there lay a red carpet and inside it looks so cozy with all the furnitures in shades of white, blue and some shabby chic looking little things.. so hard to describe it because I unfortunately didn't take my camera to show any pictures but if you like you could check their website at Pamper Nails Marbella but I will anyway include pictures of the place from their website:

See what I'm talking about?? I'm in love with this place now, the ladies who attended me were very friendly and welcoming too, the prices and service are both good. I had a shellac french manicure and with a hydrating / exfoliating treatment too, so after the exfoliation process they have a little shabby chic metal bucket and a white vase (sockerärt) so I placed and wash my hands inside the bucket while the lady pour the warm water.. it's just I've never seen any of my previous nail bar done anything like it, let's put it this way.. they are unique. Sometimes it's the little details that keeps one happy / satisfied, the place, the staff, the perfect music (which i found very good & relaxing). I don't always get may nails done by other people because I prefer to do it on my own and you know sometimes they just don't come out the way I wanted it but here I definitely enjoyed my treatment and would come back again for another 5 stars experience :) ohhh so much talking haha. Hugs xx