Pilates Workout

Good day! It's Monday again, I started the started the day with a bang :D I did an hour of pilates I realised I haven't been working out much (blame it on the holidays) but today is the first Monday of 2015 I'd like to keep a healthy everyday routine. I would like to share few of my favourite workout videos by my favourite fitness instructor Cassie Ho, I happen to stumble across her Youtube channel about a year ago and guess what? you know I'm glad I did. I like her humour, she is very motivating and if you are someone who prefer working out at home (or by the beach) you will absolutely love her. So let's start!

1. Arms - After warming up I start my workout from top to bottom (arms to legs), this is a good workout for arms if you are a beginner or planning to start doing pilates I recommend you to check it out however if you prefer something more medium-intense you could check this video

2. Abs - After my arms workout my next target is abs, this is a very good beginner workout if you really want to tone your tummy. It's for beginners but it's not easy so prepare yourselves :D When I do not have enough time to do a full abs workout you could try this 4 minutes abs and thigh super workout because it's a quick workout in my opinion it's a bit intense (yep, my tummy's still sore days after but it's good).

3. Butt - My favourite! the butt lift workout. It's crazy but everyday I go through sites like We Heart It and I see all these fitness pictures of girls with really toned bums and I get like... WTF? NO NO NO, I think and tell my self.. "you gotta squeeze your butt and squaaaat more lady" YES, work that back of yours. It's not about getting jealous / envious, but I just think they are breathing the same air like I do, living in the same planet like I do therefore why can't I have the same (you know what). So start working out lady, I tell my self. I know it's always labelled Beginners but don't be fooled they are difficult therefore you must do your best and work harder *claps*. 

4. Lower Body - This is full lower body workout video targets the hips, butt and thighs. I like to end my daily workout by targeting all these areas lately I haven't been able to do my running session blame it on the cold excuses but I try to at least work these areas even if I'm just at home. You could try this workout meanwhile you could also check these other short and intense videos :

You are going to use your own body weight so you don't necessarily need any equipment but you do need a yoga mat to perform this workout. You could add weights if you prefer, you could modify your workout (in moderation) and however you want it.

PS: Don't forget to stretch stretch stretch before and after. That's all for now xx