Monochromatic Outfit

Good evening! Weekend is almost over, today's been just a lazy Sunday I feel drained for some reason, perhaps it's because I skipped my workout today. It's amazing because when you want to take the day off, you actually feel more tired than if you are doing things during the week. 

Anyway, today I finally went to the hairdresser and got a haircut, I like the length of my hair but I wanted to get a v-shaped style for a change. It did not turn the way I wanted it to, but I won't say I'm not happy with it :) Instead of getting a v-shaped it's more like a u-shaped style because my hair isn't long enough for the style that I wanted and I want to keep the length of my hair more or less the same. That's it for now I'm going to have an early dinner and try to go to bed early tonight. Laters

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