Marble MacBook

Hey Hey! I hope you're having a great afternoon. Several weeks ago I decided to look for something that will protect my macbook from further damages / scratched (I know right??!) my poor macbook's top cover suffered way too many scratches starting from accidentally dropping my phone on top of it and.. I'd rather not mention the rest ;) So let's make the story shorter, I got this marble decals for macbook from Etsy and after a month of waiting patiently it finally arrived yesterday.. I was very excited to apply it and after reading the tutorial I tried it once but it didn't fit right, then the second time trying it again I knew I can't make it fit perfectly so I tried cutting the extra hanging part  on my own and ended up actually cutting more than what expected (yes, blame it on the razor).

Gladly, the messed up side isn't visible in the pictures :) It's a thin, smooth, glossy and looks exactly like real carrara marble. It's a pretty & light protector for your MacBooks I definitely recommend it.

I was very disappointed by what happened to my marble cover therefore I contacted the seller and she offered me a replacement! I'm so delighted that she did, they must've sent me the wrong size or IDK anyway I'm hoping that the next one fits perfectly because I'm very much in love with it. See you later, hugs x