Home is Where the Heart Is

Hello! Today I woke up early again and took the day off to enjoy a bit of sun by the beach and take some pictures of my current "home".. Marbella my little Winter Wonderland. It was incredibly warm winter day! It's very lively here, I expected that there will be less people after the holidays but turned out to be wrong. Everyone is out and about and just enjoying the lovely weather, I wish I could just sunbathe as if it's summer but it's not warm enough for that. 

After a whole week of "the next level" pilates workout today when I woke up I could feel it's result, I feel tiiiiiiiired haha. So I ended up sleeping in the afternoon sigh.. but after an early dinner I did a little bit of workout :D (and having a midnight snack right now haha). Have a great weekend and goodnight xx