Fury Zipper Cardigan

Top Vila // Leggings H&M // Boots Stradivarius // Bag Céline

Hello, I hope you are all having a great a day! It's getting chillier day by day but today is another warm and sunny day we are very lucky and must say I'm thankful for it. I have been eyeing for this  Rebecca Stella Fury Zipper Cardigan in grey from Nelly since last year (u-huh sounds like ages ago haha) my size has been out of stock for a while now so I just thought of monitoring all the other sizes that would possibly fit me though I seriously have been checking the site EVERYDAY (till it became an obsession, I'm just that stubborn I won't stop till I get it haha). It's so fluffy and cozy and it's grey and it looks more or less like a coat on me. This season I've been too in love with anything fluffy, I know I will be able to use it more in the future and that's the only reason for buying it (those shopaholic excuses) Oh yeah I'm still trying to improve my editing skills and so far I'm liking how my pictures are turning out, I've learned a few tricks here and there. Anyway I won't keep you for long, sending and sharing with you all warmth and sun we're having whichever part of world you are,  laters alligators! 

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