Dior Lady

Dior Lady 294

Dior Lady 294_1

Happy Friday!! It's weekend once again and January is almost over.. well one more day and then it's February and next thing you know it's Spring again. I am already well prepared for Spring from head to toe haha just kidding. Severals days ago I went to check Dior's nail polishes from their new collection for Spring 2015, I liked them all but the one that caught my eye is this little "Lady". Lady 294 is a pretty nude colour that will suit most people especially the ones with cooler skin tone and if you have a warmer skin tone (like me uhuh) and you love nude coloured nail polishes you could try it out too! In natural lighting it looks more like dusty mauve-rose, but with indoor lighting to me it looks like a pale / light lavender, it's opaque in two coats and not streaky at all. Right now I'm loving lighter colours, something that looks more natural. 

Yesterday we had an amazing dinner at Sukhothai it's my favourite thai restaurant in Marbella, the food was good and definitely too spicy haha I love anything spicy (blame it to my asian roots) so tomorrow I am planning to make Green Chicken Curry, if it comes out good I will try to make a post about it. Anyway wishing you all a lovely evening! love xx

bon weekend