Craving Skirt

Hello, another week has passed and unfortunately I'm a little unwell.. my throat is burning and therefore I'll be taking a break today and try to get better that's why my office for today is the  bedroom. I'm in Portugal at the moment and will be a little busy but meanwhile I'm going to try to keep the blog updated while I'm away for a while. 

So today let's talk about pants, I have been always wearing jeggings, leggings and jogging pants because they are just very comfy to wear and while I'm planning which outfit to wear for my next outfit post I thought about something different like a.. skirt. Different because I own only a few and I don't often wear skirts, because this year is about changes too I like to start wearing skirt again even though it's colder outside you could always pair it with tights. 

We all have our own different views about fashion but for me fashion is about being able to wear clothes that you are comfortable with, to be able to wear clothes or shoes that anybody could wear  (not just petite/tall, skinny/curvy, younger/matture),  something that will make you feel good and not feel embarrassed. That's it for now, i'll be back soon! Hugs

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