A Winter's Tale

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What a dramatic title hahaha, because its only a wishlist it's always going to be dramatic because you know that you might either get the item or you'll just end up looking at it until it gets sold out (yes yes I know.) It's Winter Sales time of the year again and I've been checking out some of my favourite stores but I haven't really found anything that I like, as you already know I do most of my shopping online (saves me all the trouble of having to look for the right size and mixing with the crowd because the mall is going to be packed). 

Lately, I also don't feel like wearing super fitted top or anything that looks revealing anymore.. is this some sort of 25-ish girls crisis?? haha. Anyway, I found some things that I actually like however some of them have either sold out in my size but all of these are from Nelly therefore they might re-stock them again (keeping my fingers crossed).  

 This season's biggest colour is grey thus even if it isn't I still love grey, it's a colour that would go perfectly to any outfit you choose and it will never go out of style... I think :D I would probably pair some of the tops with a leather leggings & a pair of tall / short black boots for a more wintry look. I better go and start my workout very soon.  Hugs xx