Winter Workouts

Happy Monday! Once again the sun is up and shining so bright here right now so I therefore took advantage of this warm sunny day and went for a quick run by the marina. So happy that today I am able to start the week with a bang :D 

Wearing this lovely leopard print leggings & running pullover from Oysho and my pink running shoes :) Even though it's colder and Winter's officially kicking I try not get discouraged by the gloomy weather.. I normally would go for a quick run to power up for my Pilates workout. Before working out I'd have just a tiny sip (so I don't end up fainting in the middle of my workout hahaha) of my Chia & Rice drink with a teaspoon of Pulsin's Pea Protein that I got from my local nutrition shop and yes they are both Vegan friendly (though I am not 100% Vegan I prefer to eat / drink healthier). 
After my workout I'd finish what's left of my protein drink and wait for about 45 mins to a complete hour and eat something lightweight. 

These days I'm trying to cut down on carbohydrates, it's not east but I'm slowly getting used to it.. but to be honest I'm hungry most of the time, how I deal with it? I try to eat 5 times a day... hold on.. 5 times? Oui, 5 times of eating a bit of this and that but mostly fruits in smaller portions or green juice and drinking lots of water to keep me hydrated and stuffed for the day. I'm trying to turn it into a daily routine so I could get used to it, hard I know but you know what? it will make me feel much better and stronger. 

Okay strangers have a great week ahead and don't forget to workout even if it's just a 30 mins walk it will give you energy and will help brighten up your mood. Cheerio