Today's Breakfast

Lately I've been opting for a much healthier meal. I've been eating less and less junk food. Pushing myself to go for a 45mins running session every morning. After running, I would continue with a full body Pilates workout for beginners with my favourite coach Cassie of Blogilates! Been doing pilates on and off for almost a year now and I'm glad I continued because now I feel much better.. better than ever :) So cozy! haha I'm really using that word a lot lately.

I know I've been over-indulging myself with these berries lately, but do you know that blueberries are ranked second most popular berries after strawberries? It's great because of it's packed with antioxidants and works as an anti-inflammatory too.

Multi-cereals bread with cream cheese and smashed avocado toast yummy! Whoever invented them deserves two thumbs up, they're simple and very easy to prepare. 

So here I am enjoying this organic detox tea and still wearing my Victoria's Secret pyjamas and that's it wish you all a great Saturday! It's holiday in Spain until Monday the 8th of December. Laters