Reading Time

It's Monday again, long week ahead :) Advance Happy 2015 to all of you! I finally got the chance to try to finish a book that I have been reading for a while and it's really taking me a long time to read it.   I like reading, reading books, magazines, blogs and anything that will feed my brain. I have read many books and I don't just read specific genre, I prefer reading anything that pique my interest. I like suspense thriller, romance, novel, vintage books etc. 

I'm still reading The Snow Child, it's about a childless older couple named Jack & Mabel who moved to Alaska to start a new life but turns out that life would be much difficult in their new home. They are drifting apart, Mabel is unable to cope with the death of her baby and Jack is having difficulties working because of the weather and his age.. during the season's first snow fall they built a child out of snow then the next day the snowman disappeared then they saw a little blonde-haired girl running through the trees. The girl calls her self Faina who seems to be a child from the wood. She hunts with her red fox and seems to be surviving alone in the Alaskan wilderness. As the couple struggle to understand that the child who could have stepped from the pages of a fairytale, they come to love Faina as if she is their own daughter..

I usually buy second hand books from Amazon, they costs me about 0,99 GBP yes almost a pound but the shipping is about 5 GBP so it's like buying a semi-new book but they are from the charity and I don't really care if I'm getting a new / old book what matter most is the content. I sometimes buy my books from The Book World in Puerto Banus where they sell them in english, it's difficult to find an english book here that's why I do my book shopping online most of the time. Anyway that's it for today, laters.