My Daily Skincare Routine

Today's post is about my skincare routine and how I apply / use them. I have tried so many products and none of them have actually worked and improved my oily/combination acne prone skin (sigh). I know that oily skin could be a sign that my skin is actually dehydrated.. Yes, when I learned about it I started opting for a more hydrating products and well started drinking lots and lots of water to help clear my skin. 

Several months ago I was using The Body Shop's Tea Tree skin care range but since it got colder it made my skin drier and even more dehydrated.. If you've tried the Tea Tree range you'd know that it does keep your skin matte but dry. My skin's really behaving badly :/ I've got red bumps all over my face and it's taking ages for them to start healing up.. and that's when I finally decided it's time to try and invest in good skincare products and tried SK-II. 

SK-II is quite popular in Asia, I've heard and read good reviews about this brand. Their products contain a "miracle ingredient" that they call Pitera. Pitera was discovered 30 years ago at Sake brewery in Japan. They noticed that the hands of the elderly workers looks amazingly soft and youthful, it's because of Pitera which is a naturally derived liquid from the process of Sake fermentation and that's how it has been discovered and became holy grail for those men & women out there who love and adores their products.

So let's start with the first step. I'd wash my face with a pearl sized amount of the Facial Treatment Cleanser, work into a rich lather and gently massage it on my face and then rinse it with warm water and pat dry my face with a towel.

Next I  dispense about 2-3 drops of the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (toner) on a cotton pad and starts by wiping my T-zone area, the cheeks and jawline from the centre outwards. This is an average toner in my opinion, it didn't broke me out however it really didn't get rid of my acne.

The third step is applying the Facial Treatment Essence (pre-moisturiser serum). I'd normally sprinkle a small amount in to my palms (that's why it isn't visible in the picture) and I'd gently pat it on my face until it get's all absorbed. This is total holy grail, I do not regret buying this! My skin is not dry or oily but is now balanced? (not quite sure how to say it haha) my skin has improved since I started using these products, however I don't like the scent of this essence.. It smells like something fermented.

The final step of my skincare routine is applying the Essential Power moisturiser. I dispense about the size of a 1cm on to my palms and rub my palms together to warm the cream then gently spread the cream over my entire face starting from the centre & outward. This is a lightweight moisturiser and perfect during summer time, right now I'm trying to use little bit more than usual to make it moisturising enough during these colder days... And that's it for now have a lovely weekend! Laters.