Lazy Sunday

Sundays, who doesn't like Sunday? The day where you could just stay in your pyjamas, stay in bed later than usual, drink a cup of coffee or hot cocoa while reading a book ohhh Sunday :) Though I don't normally like to just lounge around on a Sunday therefore I try to focus with clearing up all my mess ha-ha I like to give the house a general cleaning. Keep everything neat and tidy and nice smelling. So while I'm typing away here, I'm already thinking what I would be making for lunch (multi-tasking as they say) I though I would try to make "Calçots" at home. Calçots is a type of green onion typical of Catalonia (North of Spain). You prepare it by roasting it and then dipping them into a sauce called "romesco sauce" which is a nut and red pepper based sauce (yummy! just thinking about me makes me even hungrier). They normally eat it during the colder season or at least that's the time I was able to try it out and I must say I really loved it! Living here in the south, we don't normally have it here so making it at home is another option (since I don't think I've seen any restaurant serving this dish here). Anyway back to Lazy Sunday...

This picture was taken a while ago but it certainly is one of my favourite picture since, I tried to recreate the theme from a beauty post from one of my favourite people Lauren Conrad, the post is written by Maritza Buelvas. You must check her amazing holiday hair tutorial here, I must say I'm in love with the whole look and thus been wearing this look a lot. 

This season I'm currently opting for neutral colour nail polishes, here I'm wearing Le Vernis by Chanel in 607 Delight which is a part of their summer collection (can't remember which year). It's more of a rose gold, I'm totally in love with it and I'm can't believe I've almost finished the whole bottle! Do you guys know a good dupe of this nail polish? If you do, do let me know.

Here I am wearing my current favourite "fluffy cardigan dress" dress because this one's really oversized and I like it. Sorry about the quality of the last two pictures, I took them using my smartphone but next time I promise to use a better camera. Laters ♥