Last Day of 2014

It's the last day of 2014 and tomorrow begins a new chapter. It's another year, for some it's a fresh start, for others it's just another day. This year may not have been the best but a lot of things and changes has happened in my life.. good and bad.

 I'm happy about launching my blog, I know it's not easy because you have to come up with a lot of fresh ideas everyday or every once in a while and you have to be creative.

I know I haven't been writing enough and sometimes words just doesn't come out right. I'm busy during the day but I'm trying to balance my time, I guess one needs to learn how to set a time frame. I'm just doing little things here and there but I have a problem concentrating which one to do first (yes I'm very unorganised :D, not denying haha).

Talk about organisation, I'm slowly starting to become a neat freak.. trying to get rid of as much junk we have at home and just keep the ones that are really needed and keep the house neat, clean & looking brighter. Growing up I never knew the importance of organisation until I'm old enough to finally understand what it means. Anway too much about organising.. I better "organise" the house for the NYE and start preparing for dinner (yes, chef!). I'd like to wish you all a Prosperous and  Happy New Year, stay happy and don't sleep drink and drive! See you all next year (tomorrow duhh).