Green Juice

Today I'm going to share my basic green juice recipe. I normally try to consume veggies in liquid form instead of eating them raw.. I prefer it this way since it's easier to consume it. I also found other juicing recipes available online and I try to improve it by adding other ingredients depending on which ones are available, I would also sometimes add a bit of pea protein powder as a power up ingredient whenever I would like to go for a quick workout or after working out. 

Here are the ingredients: green apple are cut in half and deseeded them with a pommes parisienne, cucumber , 1 1/2 inch of ginger or more depends on how you like it, 1/3 of lemon, 8-10 leaves of spinach and  3-4 celery stalks cut in small long pieces and the leaves were removed. I would have preferred to add Kale but unfortunately I don't think I've ever seen it locally.

When everything's chopped and ready all you have to do it process them through a juicer. It will take you about 10-15 mins to prepare everything (depends on how slow I can be haha).

And here's my daily dose of greens with a teaspoon of pea protein. Laters strangers!