Getting Started

Hey Stranger! Today I finally decided that I'm going to start my own blog. I have always been a reader but this time I feel like I really want to start something different from my daily routine.. 

Yes yes yes!

I will write about the most "basic" stuff.. fashion, food, travel, fitness and things that I like the most.

So let me tell you a little something about myself and the things that inspire me. My name is Christine I live in the sunny south part of Spain called Marbella, I love anything white and cozy, I like to cook and eat healthy, I like... no no, I L O V E Fashion! I'm a fan of books and classical music. I enjoy wearing makeup (like everyone else I suppose) when I have some free time I also try to watch makeup tutorials, as you can see in the picture above I like to do my hair as a hobby. English isn't my first language...so please bear with me :D So that's about it for now, laters 

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