Exotic Breakfast

Want to know a little secret? Today's post is about an exotic breakfast, yay! but that's not the secret.  It's something silly but hey I'm sure I'm not the only one ;) Finally it's the season that I'm able to try Dragonfruit for the first time (that's the secret, silly ;). Yes, first time.. I have seen it before but never really paid attention to it till I started eating a little bit more healthier. Not particularly sure if this is only available during the colder season.

Apparently Dragon fruit is high fibre, packed with anti oxidants, rich in vitamin & minerals and incredibly low in calories, so for those of you are looking for a great snack this one might be a healthier option than having a donut.

Haven't had coffee with cream for a while now so today I made  myself a cup of Cappuccino with Cream & Caramel

Homemade French Toasts with Greek Yoghurt and Berries for toppings, I chopped the Dragon Fruit into tiny cubes and use the peel as little container... the taste? tasteless! hahaha. Yes, it's tasteless but however you could add a little bit lemon or orange juice to give it a hint of citrus. 

Laters alligators, have a great weekend