Cozy Wintry Afternoon

It's weekend! It's getting colder and Christmas is getting closer :) I'm currently doing and trying to learn many things and have been quite busy these days.. I'm into ballet right now, not exactly dancing but more into "barre workout". Barre workout? It's a combination of postures inspired by ballet and a bit of yoga and pilates. It looks easier on tutorials but IT ISN'T (my legs are sore uhuh), you need to do a lot stretching afterwards too so the impact on your body would be minimised.

So anyway, while it's getting colder.. flu and cold are common these days! I would wake up in the morning with sore throat because... the weather we have here is awesome (haha) it's very warm and sunny during the day but don't get fooled because it get's colder and windy during the afternoon. During the day I can't wear too much whenever I'd go for a quick run because when I start sweating it gets hotter therefore I try to wear something light & warm enough that will cover my whole body except my neck. That's probably what's causing the problem or maybe not anyway I'd try to get a snood so I could protect my neck. Meanwhile I'm enjoying this comforting tea with elderberry and echinacea with elderflower it's very fruity and soothing.

My cozy winter wonderland with gingerbread man :)

I'm in love with these candles from Rivièra Maison I think they look very chic and cozy... Ohh the little things in life :) Love love love winter wonderland, I just wish it's snowing though I'm thankful for our lovely sun for keeping us warm even though it's already winter. Have a great weekend, night!