Christmas Wishlist

Today I decided to choose some key pieces for this season that I'm currently in love with the theme style for less. I'm going to start with the first one on my list;
1. A fluffy cardigan in grey I have some in black, nudes and whites but not in grey which is this season's biggest colour! I've been overwearing all my fluffy cardigan and jumpers lately because they're just simply cozy, I think I've overdone it this year but seems like every store I visit they all seem to be selling the same thing.
2.  This cardigan in blush with a huge sequined golden heart which is perfect for christmas, cozy and very girly :)
3. The little black skirt a simple piece that you could pair with anything.
4. A black parka which I could use whenever it's raining... though here in the south it hardly rain but still it's something comfortable that could go with any outfit especially when you prefer to wear something simple but fashionable.
5. A pair of classic long & heeled black boots perfect for those "casual days".
6. Concealer trio with neutralising properties (just what I really needed these days)
7. A pair of gold ballet flats, you could never go wrong with gold!
8. Victoria's Secret cosmetic bag, I've been eyeing this one for a while now.. My makeup bag is asking for a replacement right now (can't zipped the old one that I have)
9. Fluffy jumper in white, I don't have one in white.

That's it, these are the items that I have been eyeing on the last few weeks. I just thought I'd share them :)

Wishlist by christinelaurenf featuring MAKE UP STORE

Jeane Blush parka coat
€53 - nelly.com

River Island boots

Leather shoes
€115 - frenchsole.com

MAKE UP STORE concealer
€28 - nelly.com

Victoria s Secret bags case
€16 - victoriassecret.com