Christmas Day

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas (even though Christmas is almost over). I received amazing christmas presents today, some things that I could really use for blogging and taking pictures MEOW (so happy like a puppy). Today I did a bit of pilates workout then wrote something for the blog and now trying to do study The Basics of Photography while The Life of Pi movie is playing in the background.. very busy right? haha
So here I am trying out the camera remote I got as present today :) It's very useful especially when I'm alone and have no one to take my pictures which is one thing I've learned from my favourite bloggers. Today I also learned a lot about photography, I'm still trying trying to improve my editing skills but I suppose I must learn how to properly use my camera in manual setting (I'm getting there slowly ;)

This is the loungewear coordinate from my post the other day, it's warm and comfortable ohh (in love with the fluffy socks). Anyway I'm off to study now, good night.