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Parisian Ponytail

Hey there! As some of you may have already seen on my instagram that I re-created Beauty for Blogger's Parisian Ponytail hair tutorial here, I then would like to share to you guys the beauty tools that I've used to try to achieve the same "effect" on my hair.
 You don't necessarily have to use the exact tools / products, I'm just re-using new and old things that I already have.

After showering and towel dried my hair I used this L'oréal Elnett Satin volumizing heat styling spray   before blow drying my hair. Lately my hair's been just flat and dry due to the cold weather here, I also needed to switch back to my old moisturising shampoo & conditioner for dry and damaged hair to also help get rid of static (and so glad it actually worked). Next, I tied my hair using hair elastics then the ribbon and followed the hair tutorial (I skipped the teasing part, I always have trouble untangling my hair afterwards). When everything was curled I used a hair brush to curl away making it into one big curly & lovely ponytail. And last I used a light hold setting hairspray to hold the curl..

.. and voilà! It's a little bit messy but I like it like this.

I used the bobby pins to keep some loose hair away and left some to make it look like more "relaxed" & "effortless" and that's it for now. Laters