Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

And here she comes, the queen! I finally got my hand on the new Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette. Since the day they announced that they are collaborating  with model / cookbook author / mom Chrissy Teigen I have since my eyes on it and been stalking Becca's Instagram page for news! Last week, it was released and luckily my favourite online beauty shop from the UK London Loves Beauty got their hands on it a little earlier than Sephora EU (though it was sold out immediately, they  were able to re-stock the next day). 

Isn't she pretty? I honestly didn't want to touch it until I received another palette that I pre-ordered from the USA few weeks ago, but for the sake of reviewing it and showing swatches.. so be it. 

I have compared it to my Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette and these two pretties seems similar.. they are both beautiful and made with high quality ingredients. The Jaclyn Hill palette  is about Champagne-Gold tones while this one of course is more Peachey-Rosey tones, I guess another reason why I was eager to buy this palette and of course I wanted to have Chrissy Teigen's summer glow! Everytime I look at her pictures she just seems to always have that naturally glowing lit from within look which matches her caramel skin tone and hair beautifully. 

Rose gold is Chrissy's favourite shade which is also available from the Becca's permanent collection, I don't have any similar highlighter of this shade but so far I adore the texture of their highlighter, it's subtle and buildable. 

Hibiscus Bloom a new limited edition blush shade and was created for this palette. I am a fan of coral  - pink blushes as it compliments my warm skintone.

Malibu Soleil is another new limited edition bronzer. They recently came up with a collection of bronzer, I adore the Ipanema Sun bronzer which was in their Sunchaser Palette as it does not make me look orange which I have been using to give my pale skin a little bit of warmth and for light contouring. I have yet to compare these two and the Capri Coast which I also ordered too as it is a little lighter than these two.

Beach Nectar is an apricot highlighter infused with gold created by Chrissy. I have seen beauty bloggers applying it as an eye shadow and honestly they look stunning with it. I would rate this palette 10/10 and I'm very happy with my newest addition to my makeup collection. 

This palette is available here if you are interested in getting your hands on it too! Seriously, Becca I love it. Laters


Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk & Valentine Lipstick

It's been a long time since I last updated my blog! Hello, I hope you are all doing okay. Many things  and changes has happened during my "one year break". I prefer to not go into details but anyway life must go on and here I am again back with a small and quick review of Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk & Valentine lipsticks.

Last year Charlotte Tilbury launched the Instant Look In A Palette (Natural Beauty) which features "7 glow giving shades". I have been in love with it and have always carried it with me when I travel, following it's successful sell-out launch she created the Seductive Beauty palette which in my opinion is something I would use for night outs. I got mine last year during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale which at that the time came with a tiny sample of her newest mascara, Legendary Lashes.

I am so excited when I saw that Charlotte finally launched a lipstick version of her best-selling Pillow Talk lip liner and another shade called Valentine which was named by her followers on Instagram! It came out before Valentines Day and I can imagine it would have been the perfect gift (at least for me ;)

I remember Bitch Perfect has always been my favourite shade from the CT's lipstick selection and have been my everyday lipstick. Pillow Talk is nude-y pink which gives me my lips but better look and has been my got-to lipstick amongst the two. I guess if I were to pair it up with the Instant Look palette I would use Natural Beauty with Pillow Talk then Seductive Beauty with Valentine. Valentine is a petal-rose pink according to Charlotte but it more of a baby pink for me and something I would pair up with a more intense eye makeup. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below :)

In the next few weeks I am planning to review the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. I ordered it online and on it's way! See you next time, laters


Looking At The Brighter Side Of Life

It's been a while since my last blog post and you are probably wondering what is wrong or what is happening? First and foremost, I am doing okay both physically and emotionally ;) I usually would rather not mention or write about my personal life issues in order not to mix it with work etc. I guess sometimes it can't be helped but drop a little hint here and there since keeping it to one's self is not the right thing to do and perhaps reaching out to loved ones and friends is one of the best thing to do in times like this.

The past few weeks I decided to stop what I have been doing and decided to re-think and re-plan (also known as procrastinate a little bit more). I am a very emotional person (I am a drama queen, I was told recently haha) but emotions is what moves me, this is where I get both positive and negative energies from and thus too embarrassed at times to admit it that I really am going through emotional stress always fearing what others would say and their judgement so whenever I am having some dull moments I would choose to retreat to my little shell and not worry anyone about it. I asked my self: Is  this going to help me at all? my answer is simple: It won't. 

I know it's never good to keep things locked up inside because one day I know you are just going to explode when the time comes that you are unable to keep all those emotions locked away but at the same time there is that fear of being seen vulnerable in front of others.

My solutions? I honestly have tried everything to break my routine.. From waking up very early then start working out early and just change everything even my way of thinking and looking at things, but you know that they said "things doesn't change overnight", I agree. As a very impulsive person I would do things without even thinking of the consequences for my actions and at times end up regretting my decisions, but sometimes you need to take risks to see which things would would work  out for you instead of sticking to your routine and trying to make or convincing your self to be happy even though deep inside you really are not. 

I have also been suffering from lower back problems for weeks and it also made me grumpier than usual since I can't do anything about it and pain killers gives little help and thus added more uneasiness to my situation. At first they thought it was related to digestive problem since the pain is also affecting my lower abdomen but they can't find anything that relates the two together. I spent several times back and forth to the hospital getting examined and trying to figure out what is wrong / happening to me but unfortunately they are unable to give me a proper explanation and finally told me to make an appointment with a Traumatologist since it could be related to my physical activities. I have been working out non-stop and was probably burning more calories than what I have been eating if that makes sense and living an unhealthy lifestyle (sometimes skipping meals!). 

I stopped working out for a week and see if there would be any improvement and honestly I feel so much better though eating healthily (and properly) helped a lot too. I am almost but not yet certain about resolving my current personal issue but whatever decision I come up with or whichever direction I choose at the end of the day I know there's always light at the end of the tunnel and I honestly can't wait to see that special light and get back on track. Please bear with me a little bit more ;) hugs and have a good night!


Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes & Highlighter First Impression

I am loving cream based & organic beauty products at the moment and slowly transitioning to wearing mostly "green beauty products" and let me tell you; it's not really as easy as it sound but finding great quality products that won't ruin your skin is a challenge. I have wasted so much money buying skincare products that will help my sensitive / acne prone skin and have pretty much tried most brands out there but my skin will never be perfect. I am thrilled upon discovering green beauty products that did not break me out from brands like RMS Beauty, Ilia, Tata Harper and now I would like to add Kjaer Weis to that list.  

Kjaer Weis is a green cosmetic line created by Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, a brand that aims to provide beauty without compromising your health and the environment. It's officially almost a week since I have only been using Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes & Highlighter and I must say I am smitten and time to give an honest opinion ;)

Embrace is a pale / nude pink without any shimmer which adds a nice healthy glow to my face. Seeing the swatches and pictures from their website I was not sure if it was going to work with my medium skintone and I thought it would be a bit too light for me but not. I have been working out a lot by the beach and got a bit tanned but it still work for me, it actually looks like a lighter version of Blossoming on me. It's very natural and have been my perfect go-to blush when I don't feel like wearing base, the texture is creamy and very easy to blend. I like to use my finger to dab a few dots  (a little goes a long way) on the apple of my cheeks and blend it upward using a stippling brush.

Blossoming is describe as "a rosy tone / mauve" according to Net-A-Porter.  I love how it looks on my bare face and it truly does gives a natural "I just finished working out look" (but I was told I look like I got sunburned in a good way, ha!). It is very hydrating comparing it to my RMS Lip2Cheek I prefer the Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes because they are a bit more creamier and when applied it looks very natural and I guess not sticky? 

Radiance is a shimmery champagne / warm pearl highlighter which glides on like silk on my skin, the texture of this is slightly rough not quite like the undetectable RMS Beauty Living Luminizer but there is something more about this highlighter that makes me reach for it more often than my Living Luminizer.

I have read many good reviews about this highlighter it's apparently a bestseller and a product to try if you adore cream highlighters, I do. I have been in love with the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer and I could not rave more about it, it gives me that "lit from within look" and I could say the same about Radiance. 

I'm wearing Blossoming in this picture, not sure if you could really see it I am a little too tanned right now and was wearing only a bit for a natural look.

In terms of packaging, these beauties are quite on the heavy side. Don't get the wrong idea but I like the mirrored metal design but I prefer to be able to carry my beauty products on my purse for re-touching but they these are just on the heavy side to carry them all at once. It's looks really chic but I honestly would prefer a much lighter purse-friendly packaging. Have I mentioned that they are eco-friendly too? you can just purchase a refill when you finish the product which costs a bit less than buying a new compact.

 In terms of prices? well here comes the part I was dreading to mention, they are on the more expensive side but since you are paying for the quality of a product that does not contain harmful chemicals and are environmental friendly I do think it's worth saving up for.

The shelf life is 30 months before being opened and about 12 months after opening. A little too short considering the amount of product you get since they are very pigmented and you do not need too much. For someone who does not wear makeup everyday it could be a challenge to finish it up before it expires. I can see my self using them everyday especially in the summer when I do not want to wear a lot of makeup.

My verdict? highly recommended if you love organic and cream products. Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Which shade shall I try next? I'd like to hear your opinions in the comments below! Thanks

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( Eyes: Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise Monalisa & RMS Beauty Volumising Mascara, Face: Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Blossoming & Highlighter Radiance,  Lips: RMS Beauty Lipshine Honest)


Weekend Picnic by the Cave

A week ago, I got the chance to celebrate Easter Sunday by one of the most stunning hidden place just an hour and 15 minutes drive from Marbella. "Cueva del Gato" in Benaoján or The Cat's Cave is a breath taking hidden paradise where two rivers join as one comes out of a cave having travelled through the mountain and ending in a beautiful waterfall. A great place for a picnic or a stroll after visiting Ronda and just relax.

The weather wasn't particularly great that day but the surrounding was just too beautiful to worry about the misbehaving weather.

We set up a little spot where we had a little snack, took some pictures then I went up but chickened out before reaching the entrance since the stairs going up was quite slippery and not to mention quite steep to climb further with my slippers (yes, very appropriate indeed).

I wore this lovely embroidered eyelet dress from Joie (currently 25% off for full-price & sales items from Shopbop until 7th of April with the code: INTHEFAM) which I have been eyeing since seeing it on their Instagram page. I think it would be a great dress for picnics, tea party or for the summer holidays.

The place was too dreamy and after many years of living in Andalusia, I must admit I have never been to this place and regret not looking it up before.

The cave is quite huge and I don't know if you can see there's a person in the middle right (where I managed to climb with my flip-flops and stopped). I was going to go further more but after seeing a man in front of me with appropriate climbing boots slipped twice (with two small children with him), no thanks.

We drove down till the rural Hotel Cueva del Gato and parked close to it and walked a little bit to get to the entrance of the cave, surely not a difficult place to access so if you are planning to visit Andalusia on your next trip make sure to include Cueva del Gato on your list and pass by this hidden gem.

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